First thigh ready for paint, second thigh worbla, first shin worbla

I now have one of the thighs all ready for paint except for a few tiny spots (circled in black):
I ran out of gray primer so I just used white to check for imperfections. Harder to see since it’s more transparent than gray, but it worked well enough.

The second thigh’s worbla is complete and is ready for bondo:
The thighs fit like a freakin’ GLOVE. I love it.

This weekend I started work on the first shin! Originally I was going to have it flex to wrap around my leg and velcro shut but since I’m making it hard with worbla, now I have to cut it into two pieces that will be held together with magnets and/or clips. Before I cut it though, I need to be sure the overall shape is good and that the two pieces will actually fit together after manipulating it with the worbla on it, so I’ll be worbla’ing it as one big piece. Since the ankle hole is too small for my foot to fit through this meant I had to create an analog for the shin to be on. I made a quick duct tape cast of my leg and stuffed it with newspaper (like the big whole body mannequin, if you recall), and then hot glued the shin shut around it.

The shin before gluing it shut:

I cut in some V-shaped grooves that had gotten lost in the plastidip and weren’t big enough in the first place (the red areas, which is the original red foam showing through after the cuts):
I also did one down the front center, creating a Y shape below the knee spike (done after this picture was taken).

Working on the shin!
The material with the grid on it is the pattern “paper” I use. It’s a fabric-like material which you can find at fabric stores by the yard. It’s nice and flexible which makes it way easier to work with than normal paper. I originally made the pattern for cutting the foam shapes out, but now I’m using it again to cut exactly the right shapes out of worbla!

Worbla is so awesome. It allows me to stretch the foam into shapes it would never hold by itself. Here I’ve warped the left side to be much more rounded:
Subtle curves just make this piece even more amazing. : D
I still need to reinforce the inside with worbla, but it’s almost done!

~ by talaaya on May 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “First thigh ready for paint, second thigh worbla, first shin worbla”

  1. Do you happen to have a pepfile for the thigh as well as the cannon? I’ve been using all your other pepfiles and they are amazing, however I’m having trouble finding good pepfiles of the rest. Did you find them somewhere or make your own?

    • I made the pep files myself and I didn’t end up needing to make a cannon or thighs. What you see on the site is all I did. Sorry!

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