Painted Finger Armor, Polished First Bicep Armor

After a ton of sanding, test priming, and re-sanding, I finally painted the finger armor today!


Also wet sanded and polished the bicep. Haven’t done this to the fingers yet.


Likewise, I wet sanded and polished the other half of the helmet. I think I’m going to do another pass at it though because it’s still a bit bumpier than the first side.

~ by talaaya on March 31, 2014.

4 Responses to “Painted Finger Armor, Polished First Bicep Armor”

  1. that looks fabulous! how did you make the template for this? I’m trying to create similar hand armor and I’m having trouble shaping the fingertips and the thumb piece out of worbla :c

    • I actually didn’t make templates. I started by putting a tube-shaped piece of worbla around my finger, drew lines on it where I thought it should be cut, took it off and trimmed it, then put it back on to see if I did it right. I did this as many times as necessary to get the shape I wanted. For the fingertips I trimmed the end of the tube so it was rounded, like a duck bill, closed it together, and trimmed off the excess. Then I just smoothed out the seam to make it invisible. The seam ran across the edge of my fingernail.

      • how exactly did you smooth out the worbla? My seams never seem to completely vanish :l

      • Just moosh it together really well while it’s warm. If it gets misshapen that’s fine; treat it like it’s clay: get a good melded connection, then smooth out the lumps you made.

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