Worbla Shoulder Complete

I finished cutting the worbla off of the 3d printed shoulder and glued it together!

img_3176.jpgimg_3183.jpg img_3181.jpg

Turns out superglue works great, as I had hoped. The new shoulder is decently strong (and sooo much lighter!) but will definitely need reinforcement as you can warp it a bit by torquing the bottom points. Tomorrow I’ll test resin on some worbla and if that works I’ll fiberglass the inside of the shoulder.

I’ve also coated most of the glove armor with wood glue. So far I like this much more than gesso, which takes forever to dry and doesn’t even itself out nicely like wood glue does. Tomorrow I should also be spraying a test coat of primer on those pieces to see just how much I need to fix with bondo.

~ by talaaya on March 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Worbla Shoulder Complete”

  1. Looks great awesome detail.

  2. Looks beautiful! Haven’t said anything in a while, but still watching. I really love this project! :]

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