Worbla Glove Done!

Finished the glove! At least the shape of it. Tomorrow I start smoothing it out.


~ by talaaya on March 16, 2014.

5 Responses to “Worbla Glove Done!”

  1. How did you make those gloves? Do you have a refrence or template, I’d really like to make a variation of them and those are solid!

    • I made the gloves with worbla in a trial and error method, so there aren’t any templates; they wouldn’t do you much good anyway because they’re made specifically for my hands which won’t be exactly like yours. I can explain how I made them though!

      I used a silk glove liner for the base layer, which the pieces would be hot glued to later. With the glove liner on my hand, I heated up a rectangle of worbla for a section of finger armor and curled it around my finger to make a cylinder which was fairly snug. After it was cool I drew lines where I thought it should be trimmed, took it off, trimmed it, and tried it on again. It took several iterations to get the shape just right, including some warping of the cylinder to make it fit better, work in tandem with the other pieces, and look more pleasing.

      The finger tips were cylinders with one end cut like a duck’s mouth (top and bottom each had a semicircle, the edges of which met on the sides of my finger. I essentially made the top part match my fingernail, and shaped the bottom up around my finger to meet the sides of my fingernail. Then it was just a matter of heating up the worbla and mooshing it together to make the seam disappear. The palm shapes were created by just drawing on my own hand with a pen and then tracing the lines with pattern paper and transferring that to the worbla.

      The back of the hand was a larger sheet of worbla laid over my hand and trimmed to the right shape. The chunk on top of it was 5mm craft foam covered in worbla and then attached via superglue so as to not ruin the shape of the armor with heat. It was later covered with apoxie sculpt to make it smooth and rigid since it was only one worbla layer thick and still flexible. The entire glove is only one layer thick except for the palm armor which is 2 layers (for strength). The worbla was smoothed out with several layers of wood glue, which was sanded smooth. Disclaimer: wood glue is a very hard material and is tough to sand so it takes a very long time to get it to be as smooth as mine. I did several rounds of sanding with a coat of primer in between so I could see what needed to be sanded more.

      I did heat the worbla on my hand sometimes, especially for the plate on the back of the hand, but be VERY careful not to burn yourself. While the glove liner does provide some protection it is still very easy to burn yourself with the heat gun!
      Hopefully that was clear. If not, feel free to ask about anything!

      • Thankyou so much! It’s so hard to believe that was just a freestyle design and not strategically planned out. Yours are amazing! The edges go together so seamlessly. I cannot wait to try it out! Thankyou for your reply and description:) do you find it easy to move your hands, grab things, eat etc with them on?

      • Lol also, where did you reinforce with epoxy and where with the wood glue?

      • You’re welcome! And thanks! 😀
        It’s easy to move my hand, but because of the hard slippery surface it’s hard to actually hold anything. Plus, I don’t want to risk scratching or cracking them so I avoid holding most things and wouldn’t push a door open, for example.

        The fingers and palm were wood glue and the plate on the back of the hand was coated with a thin layer of apoxie sculpt.

        Here’s a video of the hand moving if you hadn’t seen it already.

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