Vinyl Film Test

I had been struggling with how to tint the plastic dome shapes that go in the lit parts of the leg armor but tonight I found a solution!

A while back I bought a green vinyl film which I intended to use to color the straight lit sections on the legs and other areas. I wasn’t sure how to do the domes since I didn’t think the film would work on such compound curves. I tried all sorts of other stuff like using Pledge Future Shine and food coloring, and just straight up painting. Neither were anywhere close to ideal. Tonight I decided to see if I could make the film work on the domes. It’s really, really difficult, but it does indeed work!! Yay!


In the picture I’m lighting the shin with an LED flashlight which has a yellow covering on it. After seeing how nice the yellow looks, I think I’ll switch to yellow LEDs instead of using actual green LEDs like I originally planned. Makes it look much more lime green as it should.

I’m nowhere near ready to actually wire things up, I just felt like testing this.

Oh, also, the plastic domes are those plastic Christmas craft ornaments which have been cut down:

I’ve been working on a bunch of other stuff too, like the glove, but my camera’s battery died so that’s all you’re getting today! 😛

~ by talaaya on March 14, 2014.

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