This 3d Printer is Ginormous.

I have a new guest in my living room:


It’s one of the 3d printers I used to print my suit, and it is absolutely massive. My friend needed a new place to store it so here it is!

I’m so excited to finally use it myself. Previously he had just done all the 3d printing. I don’t have much left to print for the suit but maybe I’ll print some unrelated things too. We never printed a second elbow cap and I’d like to print a shape for the visor to mold to. The test bends I was doing with the acrylic weren’t matching the shape. It’s hard to guess the exact angle of the crease and there’s a slight curve to the rest of it that I can’t achieve on my own. If I 3d print a mold, I know it will be exactly the right shape and the visor will fit perfectly!

~ by talaaya on March 5, 2014.

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