Worbla Shoulder, Wet Sanding

This weekend I started an experiment in hopes of reducing the weight of the shoulders. I had the idea to do a sort of vacuforming-esque technique using worbla to create a shell around the heavy 3d printed shoulders. Unfortunately worbla sticks to most things like glue so I figured vaseline might work as a releaser; after a few tests I determined that it does. It melts quite a bit when using the heat gun, but even if it runs off there’s still enough residue for the worbla to not stick. In some ways this may actually be easier than actual vacuforming, especially for me. First off, I don’t have anywhere to put a vacuformer in my apartment. Also either way that I do it, I’ll still have to attach multiple pieces back together after forming it, and worbla just seems easier to me. Plus, I can reheat worbla if anything goes wrong.

Anyway, here’s a pic of my progress from yesterday:
I’m going to have to cut it off in quite a few pieces since it’s a near-sphere shape and those grooves are a tad wider on the most inner part than the outer part, making it impossible to pull it straight off.

As far as putting it all back together, I’m not exactly sure yet. I definitely can’t use anything with heat (no sticking worbla to itself, no hot glue). I’m thinking maybe some glue to keep it in place, then fiberglassing the inside. Hopefully resin doesn’t eat worbla. Has anyone combined the two yet? If that doesn’t work, I’m sure I’ll think of something else. Either way the inside needs to be reinforced.

Today I started wet sanding. I wasn’t satisfied with the paint finish on my helmet, especially in this one spot on the back where it was almost matte. It’s super hard to capture in photos, but here’s the best I could get:
The left side on both the helmet and the arm armor is what has been sanded and polished. It’s so smooth and shiny! It looks amazing.

~ by talaaya on February 23, 2014.

4 Responses to “Worbla Shoulder, Wet Sanding”

  1. What’s the process for painting? Or how do you get it that shiny?

  2. Super B work, Best Varia suit ever!

    No more updates? or progress? I need to see that complete!

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