Lots of new pictures!

Massive picture dump! (There are too many to post here so be sure to check out the rest of them in this album!)

Most of this is stuff I already had done before PAX last year but never took pictures of. The new things are:

– The helmet: it’s been painted but needs some wet sanding to really shine (and hopefully remove a little of the orange peel). I did start grunging it up a bit with some black paint. I’m okay with the wet sanding messing that up if necessary; if that happens it’ll be easy to redo.

– The arm cannon: the big section of the cannon is all sanded and ready for primer. I printed the cannon in pieces so I could have wiggle room while figuring out how to put the lights in the gaps between the rings (also so it could fit in the printer bed). I had to balance the pieces against the back of the couch while taking pictures, so it looks a little wonky; it will eventually be attached together with an interior structure.

– The first bicep: since I previously bondo’d it I have sanded it, primed it, and added some touch up bondo. After it’s sanded again it will be ready for a new coat of primer and then paint!

Sanding these things has been taking a very long time, so I decided to buy myself a new toy:

It’s a Dremel Multi-Max MM40, and it’s awesome! It makes sanding sooo much easier! The triangular sanding attachment lets me get into relatively tight areas and the super detailed stuff I can just sand by hand. It also has a cutting and chipping attachment which I’m sure I can find some sort of use for eventually.

~ by talaaya on February 17, 2014.

One Response to “Lots of new pictures!”

  1. This is insane. Keep up the brilliant work.

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