Joint Ribbing

I’m back! I’ve been pretty limited by the weather lately. I can’t work on anything with fumes in my apartment on account of my bunny, and I don’t have a place to work on really messy things. I can keep dust from sanding mostly contained in my bathtub so I’ve been working on sanding my bondo’d worbla bicep armor and 3d prints. The bicep is ready for the test coat of primer (which of course I can’t spray because it’s too cold outside). Yesterday I also successfully made the elbow ribbing:


I cut black surgical tubing in half lengthwise and superglued them against each other on my mannequin. Fortunately the superglue does not adhere to the duct tape! It sorta sticks to it a little but very little force will pop it right off. Easy!

It’s not the prettiest – I accidentally got glue on some areas that should be clean but you can barely tell, the seam down the back isn’t the neatest, and they’re slightly more angled than I would have liked. I may use this as the final, or just consider it practice and redo it so it looks nicer and it’s easier to make the other arm match.

The flexibility of this thing is amazing. As I predicted, the arced tubes create space for it to compress and decompress, plus it’s rubber, so it allows a good range of movement. I can go about 90 degrees with my arm before it starts to get really tight, but that’s really all I need anyway. It’s also surprisingly durable. The superglue doesn’t crack and break like you’d think. It fuses the rubber together so well that you’d have to really abuse it to get it to come apart. I bent my elbow as hard as I could many times to see if I could break the back seam (which runs directly across the point of my elbow so it can hide mostly under the elbow armor) and nothing was coming apart. Woo!

The glue makes it a bit rough on the inside so I’m first going to try sanding the sharp edges. If that doesn’t help then I’ll do something to cover them up. It’s possible that my unitard will be enough protection but if it’s going to snag the unitard then I want to do something to protect it.

~ by talaaya on February 6, 2014.

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