Copper Paint, Fixing Paint Cracks with Worbla

Man, is it difficult to get a hold of this copper paint. I had to go around to several auto parts stores, have new stock sent in, and also order some online to find enough. The stores either had one can or none. I ended up finding some on ebay. Anyway, here’s what some of the armor looks like painted! I’ll be weathering/blackwashing them later on.

Forearm and elbow:


Here you can see my Worbla-covered bicep next to the other one. The Worbla one is bent in on the inside where it meets my rib cage so it doesn’t tilt the bicep downward on the outside of my arm. Worbla is so helpful!


Notice the black lines on the Worbla here. Those are seams where I misjudged the shape I cut out. When you feel them you can only barely feel a seam! It’s pretty easy to get the Worbla into the crevices of the bicep and stay sharp around corners.


If you poke the surface of the painted foam or even bend it slightly it holds together just fine (as you can see with the wrinkles on the left), but if it’s bent a small amount it starts to crack. It doesn’t matter anymore though since I’m just going to be covering all the paint with Worbla.




These are a pair of $20 shoes I found after a ton of searching. They’re perfect! The soles look very convincing and don’t have any brand marks or weird patterns. Most importantly the toe of the shoe isn’t bulbous like many other shoes of this style are, and it has a nice heel on it like Samus’. After the paint is done there will be velcro to hold the tongue flap down so for the picture I held it in place.

Cracking on the shoe:


Shoe during painting and after:


The left one doesn’t have the clear coat on it yet and is still masked off. The copper paint is very matte on foam/plastidip for some reason unless I clear coat it.

Next post I’ll show the rest of the armor and hopefully the helmet!

~ by talaaya on October 16, 2013.

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