Shoulder Gluing, Shin Construction

Sorry about the lack of updates! Fear not, I am actually still working on this costume, and very hard at that, which is why I haven’t taken the time to update. My sister is doing a costume too: Eir Stegalkin from Guild Wars 2. For more than a month we have been doing nothing else in our free time but work on our costumes. Speaking of which, I modeled Eir’s wolf broach and had it 3d printed for my sister:


She has since colored it silver with rub n’ buff and it looks amazing.

Anyway, I’ve done so much work that I don’t have time to make a huge post right now, but here’s some pics of some stuff I’ve been working on!

Two quarters of the shoulder before gluing:

All glued together, but not sanded or bondo’d yet:

I left out the center holes when I modeled it. Originally it was an accident but I’m really glad I did it! Having to line up that center seam with all those little prongs that would inevitably have been warped during the curing process would have been a nightmare! A friend of mine (not the 3d printer guy) has a ton of tools, including a band saw, which worked perfectly. I was too much of a weenie to watch the very risky cutting process (it could have chipped, cracked, broken, or any number of horrifying things) so I had him do it. 😛

The top picture is after the cuts, glued together. The bottom picture is after I filed down the really rough cuts.

I’ve also been working on the shins. I started with a couple peps to get the size right and to use as a guide for making the final pieces, for which I used 5mm foam.
[Edit] I’m using foam for the legs, torso, and upper arms for ease of movement and comfort. 3D printing the legs would make them heavy and they’d knock together, potentially damaging each other. I’m confident in my ability to make the quality of my foam on par with the 3D prints.
The silver leg the pep is displayed on is a duct tape mannequin my sister and I made. We wrapped me in saran wrap and then in duct tape. Being covered in plastic and stiff duct tape for 2 hours and having scissors slid along your skin to get the thing off is no fun.
The worst part was she accidentally cut the tender skin on the back of my knee…

Samus disapproves of my sister’s cutting skills.

Here’s the pieces of the shin unassembled. To make them exactly right I laid fabric pattern-making paper over the pepakura and drew the different parts, then cut the pattern out and traced it onto the foam.

Gluing in progress:


I used the bottoms of plastic containers for the round things around the circle lights. The orb that goes in the center will be sliced off ends of these clear christmas ornaments people use to make their own ornaments. I have them in several different sizes and they’re perfect! I’m unsure of what to use to cover the strips and circles where the lights will be. I want it to be lime green so when the lights are off it doesn’t look weird, and it needs to flex a bit so it can conform to unusual shapes and the flexing of the foam.

~ by talaaya on July 20, 2013.

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