Chest Armor Model

Small update: I just finished the chest armor model!


This should fit me perfectly based on the quick pepakura I did of it. In order for it to be printed it will need to be broken down into six pieces like so:


However, when finished it will still only be in two pieces since my head won’t fit through the neck hole. The middle and the front will be glued together and the seam fixed with bondo, while the back will attach to the front pieces with some sort of sliding clip system that I have yet to nail down. Basically all it needs to do is stay rigid, clip in place, and be easily detachable by my helper.

I’m using Maya to model it and then I take it into Zbrush to smooth it. I do it this way because Maya isn’t exactly the best at smoothing hard surface things since Maya’s tools for that are crap. So all I do is select all the hard edges, crease them with the crease tool, then send it on over to Zbrush via GoZ and subdivide it several times (I know most of that won’t make much sense for the uninitiated).

Oh, and just a note: in order to model the interior (to add thickness) I had to move each individual vertex to use the least amount of printing materials possible. It’s a ton of work! Just the interior of the chest took me probably a good 8 hours or more. Yeah. As a result though, the entire thing is exactly the same thickness everywhere. I have yet to hear of a program that has an extrusion algorithm that’s this precise, so I just do it myself.

It’s a good thing I find this stuff fun.

Here’s the wireframe before smoothing:


After smoothing it’s a few million polys.


Previously I had already completed the models for the arm cannon and shoulders, but I haven’t posted about them yet simply because I just haven’t sat down and taken screenshots. Soon(tm)!

~ by talaaya on June 11, 2013.

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