Here’s the helmet after it was bondo’d and sanded again – it’s very smooth:

IMG_2546I had it sitting on my desk and I kept reaching over to pet it, because mmmmm smooth.


Today I sprayed a new coat of primer on it:

I’ve left the texture in the grooves because it was difficult to get sandpaper in there (the dremel melts the plastic onto the bit and is risky because it could hit the edges). I kinda like it though. It’s not really noticeable in person and it provides nice contrast.

I also tested a red paint color today, on silver and not on silver (definitely doing a silver undercoat). However, spray cans aren’t really cutting it for me. They leave quite a noticeable stippled texture and the “metallic” red I got wasn’t really that metallic either. I could spend the time to wet sand it, but meh. I might as well take the easier route than deal with all that headache. Another of my friends conveniently has a compressor and airbrush so I’m going to probably use that instead. This will provide me with both a smoother, nicer finish as well as the ability to create custom colors which is going to be very helpful. I can make my own metallic light yellow!

~ by talaaya on June 3, 2013.

5 Responses to “Primer”

  1. You are a very talented artist.

  2. I can’t wait to see the suit done.

  3. Should take a picture with it on! Gah this is such a cool project! I’m jealous that you have the opportunity to do this. 😀 Good luck!

  4. Any chance you can post the 3D file that you used?

    • Unfortunately this is just a personal project for me so I won’t be giving away or even selling my work on the final pieces. My pepakura files are available on the pep files page if you’d like to use those though.

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