Helmet Revision

After a fairly long break from all of this, I took another look at the previous pepakura helmets I had done and decided that I needed to fix up the 3d model a bit and make a new, final version. These were my alterations:

  • Originally I had filled in the voids where the “fins” go on the back side, but I realized this was a mistake and would only cause me headache later. I flattened the surface there so I could instead glue the fins on after the fact.
  • Increased the poly count of the model so the whole thing is much smoother and round now.
  • Increased the size by 5mm because the last one was a tad too small and I feared the visor would hit my nose and that it’d be too hard to get on and off.
  • Included the visor this time to make sure the shape did not become deformed. I will cut it out after casting the final piece and put in a plexiglass sheet.

Cumulatively, it took me about a full day’s time to complete. I have all the necessary materials and resources I need to move on to the next step, which is coating it in resin and fiberglass cloth.

Edit: More views of the helmet!

~ by talaaya on September 16, 2012.

5 Responses to “Helmet Revision”

  1. Nice I’ve been wanting to make a samus helmet for a while but could never find a good pep file, any chance you could send me a download of yours?

  2. Sure thing!

  3. I too would really appreciate your pep files, if you don’t mind. I’ve been searching around the net for a bit and yours are by far the cleanest, the perfect mix of build simplicity and accuracy.

  4. hey, that is a really awesome craft!, could you please send me the helmet files? that would be awesome 😉

  5. Wow! Your work on this is absolutely amazing. Very, very impressed. I am dying to build a Samus costume, but being a 6’/210lb guy I’m not sure how well I could pull it off!

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