Real Life Helmet Sizing Mock Up

Today I finished making a pepakura version of the helmet to figure out the proper size for my head. My first estimate was very close, but a little bit too large. I’ll do another one scaled smaller tomorrow.

To make it I took the 3d model of the helmet from the suit mock up and, using pepakura software, created my own custom pattern which I then printed on 110 lb card stock and folded/glued together (Elmer’s Extra Strength glue sticks are amazing by the way). I don’t have a camera right now to take pics but I will in a couple weeks so I’ll update this post then.

Edit 1: I made a smaller version. It’s just a tiny bit too small so I’m almost there. I can fit it over my head though. The tip of my nose just sticks out where the visor would be and it’d be better to have a little more wiggle room (getting it on and off is a bit of a squeeze).

Edit 2: The third pepakura helmet was a success! It fits perfectly. Since then I’ve also made two sizes of the left forearm armor. First one was a little too small, and the second one is just right. Should be much easier now to guess the sizes of the rest of the armor since I can compare to these two parts.

Edit 3: Finished making the shoulder! The size seems to be good so I won’t have to make another one. Next up: the chest/back piece.

Edit 4: Pics!

~ by talaaya on May 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Real Life Helmet Sizing Mock Up”

  1. vc teria por acaso esse arquivo para mim

  2. Este foi traduzido com google porque eu não falam Português.
    Os arquivos estão na segunda aba no topo.

    (No I don’t actually speak Portuguese. Google translate.)

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